As part of XCEO, Inc.'s pursuit of Enlightened Corporate Governance®, we have created the Enlightened Corporate Governance Board Performance Evaluation Program to support boards and directors in their pursuit of excellence. Through our program, we are leading the movement past compliance, toward principled action which maximizes shareholder value.

Through our Professional Mentoring and Personal Leadership programs, we assist individuals in developing personal career and development plans to achieve senior executive-level positions. We also support corporations that recognize the need for a broad array of development options for their high-potential employees being groomed for senior leadership responsibilities.

When it comes to board succession, we offer a more cost-efficient recruiting process to find a new director, employing cutting-edge methods for seeking, finding and on-boarding new directors. We use contemporary tools to determine the right mix of skills, experiences and attributes. Then we effectively vet a small number of highly-qualified and talented directors. We on-board that director so that he or she is contributing at a faster pace than they would otherwise.

Finally, our comprehensive board portal, BoardPortal PLUS® is a communication, sharing and learning resource which helps organizations increase efficiency in an inexpensive yet secure and easy to use manner. BoardPortal PLUS is the vehicle in which we can effectively deliver our mentoring, governance and recruiting support to our clients.

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