The XPL Principles Analysis are integrated into the LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™, in order to accurately assess an individual's aptitude in relation to the 11 principles presented in Dr. Curtis J. Crawford's book, Corporate Rise: The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership.

Following the principles contained in this book will help individuals develop the skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to accelerate their progress to the top of the business world. Thus, the purpose of this analysis is to give individuals a better understanding of their career performance in light of these principles. Additionally, the analysis provides an output summary, and more importantly, outlines ways to immediately improve their career by offering development recommendations.


Personal Leadership and Stakeholder Support Analysis

What is Extreme Personal Leadership®?
  • Discover why Dr. Crawford coined the term Extreme Personal Leadership® and what it means to be an "X-Leader".
  • Personal Leadership "Readiness" encourages individuals to thoughtfully calibrate and catalog their professional DNA in order to maximize their contributions to the success of the organization. 
  • Provides insight into each individual on the importance of gaining stakeholder support accelerating their personal career advancement.


LinXsus® Professional

An additional service in connection with the Extreme Personal Leadership® (XPL) Principles Analysis, XCEO provides an individual professional mentoring program, which is designed for high-potential and high-aspiration individuals with a desire to earn senior executive-level responsibilities or to serve as boardroom leaders.

The LinXsus® Professional mentoring program options are designed to provide one-on-one leadership development and guidance. We collaborate with each individual client to ensure that he or she achieves an extraordinary high-level of career success.

Given the current climate, executives are under immense pressure and scrutiny. In general, the support network for executives and CEOs is severely limited and inadequate. Knowledge and engagement provide the power to influence outcomes in today’s organizations. Therefore, executive leaders cannot afford complacency. There is a constant demand for executives to remain current on all organization and industry performance and trends to be effective. We can be the difference in your leadership team.

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