Our executive succession process, a vital component of the LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™, is tailored for each client with a core set of XCEO operating and consulting principles serving as the foundation. Our mission is simple: to help our clients identify and validate individuals who are best qualified and “Ready” to assume senior leadership responsibilities within the organization. We partner with our clients in their efforts to establish an inventory of high potential and high performing “Ready” candidates who have a passion for personal leadership and a serious desire to serve shareholders through their service.
The XCEO succession planning process is designed to guide individual participants and the management team through the steps needed to ensure the organization identifies and develops the best-qualified candidates and then make sure they are properly skilled and experienced. This includes the organization’s internal leadership development activities combined with a well-coordinated and integrated external recruiting process.
Executive succession planning should be conducted in a methodical manner. Establishing the process, building leadership profiles which identify the skills and experiences required and desired to ensure an adequate supply of “Ready Now" candidates to serve shareowners.
Executive Succession Process
  • Invest substantial time to ensure a thorough understanding of the specific business needs and challenges facing the organization.
  • Utilize the XCEO unique proprietary application, to develop a strategy to ensure thoroughness and shared expectations on profiles and “Readiness” criteria.
  • Include an extensive list of candidates who meet or exceed your requirements.
  • Review summary and detailed reports which summarize each candidate's biographical data and professional DNA.
XCEO Methodology
The Business Attributes, Skills and Experiences Analysis (BASEdna™) is a unique and comprehensive resource designed to assess the current level of leadership “Readiness” within the organization.
Data Capture
Participating individuals establish their professional DNA by calibrating and cataloging their leadership qualifications. This invigorating experience inspires each participant to gain a better alignment of his or her professional DNA with the leadership needs of the organization.
Network Comparative Search
After participants have completed the BASEdna™ Analysis and authorized management to view their results, human resources leaders may select profiles and immediately begin browsing for candidates. Searches may be initiated based on a wide variety of personal characteristics such as time employed by the organization, time served in the current position, career profession and others.
Analyzed Results
Several reports are immediately available to the Human Resources organization and the participant. These reports provide comprehensive insight, regarding the participants' views of their professional DNA (skills and experiences).

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