At a time when the scrutiny of executive leadership is at an all-time high, Enlightened Corporate Governance®, another key area within the LinXsus® Pro Talent Management Platform™, integrates effective personal leadership development. The current climate provides a substantial opportunity for management to employ rich individual evaluations in order to improve organizational leadership.
The XCEO Enlightened Corporate Governance® evaluation tools bring a whole new approach to assessing the leadership's understanding of effective organizational performance and one's professional DNA. While providing a thoughtful and creative evaluation process, and complete anonymity, our exercises protect the privacy of each participant, as well as the entire organization. 
Individual participants are in full control of their personal exercises and each organization will determine how to manage the storage, distribution, and retention of its data. Finally, the security of your organization’s information and data is paramount.
  • A full-service consulting and support service.
  • All communication is automated, including reminders and completion notices.
  • Determine when an exercise is initiated and how long partners have to complete the exercise.
  • Select comprehensive XCEO questions, add your own questions or use a combination of both for every exercise.
  • Add comments and suggestions after each question.
  • Incorporate your historical data in order to have multi-year comparisons with the click of a button.
  • Immediately review and share unique assessment reports.
  • Ability to add information to provide insight and perspective relative to each question.
Why Partner with XCEO?
At XCEO we believe Enlightened Corporate Governance® is fundamental to the long-term financial strength of the organization.
This competition for talent in today’s environment is unlike one we have ever seen, and each of our offerings helps the organization address the critical elements of talent management and leadership succession planning.
  • The easy-to-use, automated, consistent interface allows for maximum convenience. The exercises provide the utmost flexibility, are comprehensive yet uncomplicated.
  • Information and results are secure, privacy is rigorously defended and all information may be stored or kept indefinitely, depending on your wishes.
  • The unique and tailored results reports with industry data and benchmarking are reflective, encouraging discussion. They provide a baseline to enhance performance. 
  • Risk oversight module provides insight into the responsibilities and key issues that should be considered.

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