The LinXsus® Pro Talent Management PlatformTM provides HR professionals with a comprehensive, rich solution to identify and develop high potential talent and to inspire effective levels of performance and contribution. As a contributor to the LinXsus® Pro Talent Management PlatformTM, employees will have the opportunity to tell their story by cataloging and calibrating their skills and experiences and building their professional leadership profile.

XCEO’s LinXsus® Pro Talent Management PlatformTM suite of products includes company-initiated and self-initiated exercises. The company-initiated, Business Attributes, Skills and Experiences Analysis (BASEdnaTM), provides a platform where participants can record, and share with management, their professional career interest, and qualifications in a secure and confidential manner. Self-initiated exercises include Extreme Personal Leadership® (XPL), Individual Risk Profile (IRP), BASEdnaTM and others.

XCEO developed the Business Attributes, Skills and Experiences Analysis (BASEdnaTM), specifically to guide individuals through an insightful and sustainable process to catalog their skills and experiences to build their professional profile. When implemented effectively, the BASEdnaTM Analysis will ensure that the best-qualified candidates are identified, developed and selected, for organizational senior leadership positions.

Enlightened Corporate Governance® (leadership effectiveness)

ECG is the XCEO reference for the highest level of organization oversight. Executive management and professionals have access to customizable, tailored and very easy to use personal evaluations. Select from a variety of tools that will help individuals improve their attributes, skills, and experiences in order to evolve from "Ready in the Future" to "Ready Now".

Executive Succession (leadership readiness)

At XCEO, we have several unique and forward-thinking methods that will seamlessly integrate into your current people activities and energize your organization by facilitating a more effective executive leadership development program. It will quickly and effectively increase the contribution level of everyone who is selected to participate and inspire each one to raise his or her contributions to the organization.

Extreme Personal Leadership® (XPL) (leadership preparation)

Leadership effectiveness is the critical factor that will bridge the gap between being "Ready Now" for a senior leadership position and being "Ready Later". XCEO defines effective leadership as Extreme Personal Leadership® because it is one of the few remaining sustainable long-term organizational competitive advantages.

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