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Corporate Rise

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Corporate Rise Q & A

Periodically we provide a few questions for our friends and clients to contemplate!

At XCEO, Inc., we recognize this as a great opportunity to engage some thoughtful and meaningful dialog. We welcome and encourage your participation!

Please share your experiences and perspectives with us, respectfully, at corporaterise@xceo.net.


Why is this book important for those who want to be extreme personal leaders (X-Leaders)?

Should extreme personal leaders (X-Leaders) justifiably declare full success in a corporation if less than 100% of its people are fully successful?

If the answer is yes, what should be the minimum acceptable percentage and what are some of the potential implications?

If the answer is no, what are some of the appropriate measurement tools that a leader could use to assert full success in his/her organization?


Dr. Curtis J. Crawford will answer your Extreme Personal Leadership questions

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