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Corporate Rise

Principles at a glance
Q & A

XCEO, Inc.
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The X-Principles at a Glance

At XCEO, Inc, we believe very strongly in the pursuit of excellence. Our belief that success is the result of hard work and outstanding preparation has continually reinforced our confidence. The harder we work, the better prepared we are for the task at hand. The better prepared we are, the better results we produce.

These X-principles set forth in Corporate Rise are grounded in world-class practical experience. They were developed over a period of thirty years, and they have been effectively applied in very large global companies as well as in small start-up companies. They have consistently produced outstanding results. On the surface, these principles may seem deceptively simple, but deploying them-simultaneously and effectively-requires knowledge and passion.

This outline provides an overview of each principle and a set of key questions. It should be used as a reference tool. The "principles at a glance" will assist in developing your extreme personal leadership plan. It will serve as a constant refresher of Corporate Rise! Reference it frequently to measure and monitor your progress toward success!

X-Principle 1
X-Leaders have a passion for developing people. They are in constant pursuit of every employee's success. X-Leaders do not declare total victory until all the people around them have succeeded.

What are the features of a corporate environment in which people are constantly being developed?

Why does the leader constantly pursue everyone's success?

How does the company help everyone in the company succeed?

X-Principle 2
X-Leaders find imaginative ways to inspire people to transform themselves for the better. They motivate themselves and others to reach higher levels of performance by linking great ideas to exhilarating images of success.

What happens when the leader inspires people to transform themselves for the better?

Why do X-leaders motivate themselves and others to reach higher levels of performance?

How do X-Leaders link great ideas to visions of success?

X-Principle 3
X-Leaders cultivate creativity by looking at common things in uncommon ways. They expose old issues to new options and develop fresh approaches to long-standing problems.

What happens when X-Leaders expose old issues to new options?

Why do X-Leaders promote looking at common things in uncommon ways?

How does the company develop fresh approaches to old problems?

X-Principle 4
X-Leaders are customer-centric; they realize that unless someone buys something from their company, everything they do is totally irrelevant.

What are the features of a customer-centric company?

Why does the X-Leader insist on customer-centric behavior?

How does the company achieve customer-centricity?

X-Principle 5
X-Leaders are visionaries who anticipate the future and identify marketplace opportunities before they become trends. X-Leaders often know what customers will need before the customers do.

What happens to company's that anticipate marketplace opportunities?

Why do X-Leaders work to anticipate future trends?

How does the company know what customers will want before the customers do?

X-Principle 6
X-Leaders drive their companies with decisions grounded in facts. They insist on exchanging information with all employees and customers and seek opportunities to tell the truth.

What happens when the X-Leader seek the truth?

Why do X-Leaders drive their companies with decisions grounded in facts?

How does the company communicate factual information to guide employees and customers?

X-Principle 7
X-Leaders have confidence in the abilities of their people. Because X-Leaders are willing to delegate broad responsibilities, they are vulnerable, and they know it.

What happens when the X-Leader feels confidence in the company's people?

Why do X-Leaders delegate broad responsibility throughout the company?

How does the company accomplish shared responsibility?

X-Principle 8
X-Leaders convert the energy generated by chaos into better decisions. To avoid precipitating premature closure on major issues, they sometimes conceal their own opinions until other people have had their say.

What happens when the X-Leader encourages thorough problem-solving?

Why do senior leaders encourage people to participate in decision-making?

How does the company help people generate ideas and solve problems?

X-Principle 9
X-Leaders believe that the company comes first, and they insist on teamwork. They do not tolerate divisional or functional departmental boundaries in the corporate culture.

What happens when the people act like the company comes first?

Why do X-Leaders insist on teamwork?

How does the company foster teamwork?

X-Principle 10
X-Leaders expect greatness. They are results-oriented, honest, and personally accountable.

What happens when X-Leaders expect greatness of their company?

Why are X-Leaders results-oriented, honest, and accountable

How does the company encourage honesty and accountability?

X-Principle 11
X-Leaders are role models. They lead by example.

What happens when X-Leaders set a highly visible example for the company?

Why do X-Leaders become role models?

How does the company produce role models?

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