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Corporate Rise

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Corporate Rise Overview

X-Leaders are individuals who want to be held responsible for delivering results. They want to earn the opportunity to lead. They are willing to invest time and education, make sacrifices, and compete hard. In fact, the people who will be most helped by the information in Corporate Rise are those who are willing to work exceptionally hard during their long journey to the top.

If you have big dreams and sincerely want to be in charge, Corporate Rise will help you earn the opportunity to do great things in the corporate world. Following the advice contained in this book will help you develop the skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to accelerate your progress to the top of the business world.

Read what some readers had to say about Corporate Rise:

"After reading "The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership", I was not only inspired to become a corporate leader but also driven to push myself beyond my own expectations. The X Principles is definitely a page turner of unfolding corporate truths offering invaluable insight into corporate America. I highly recommend reading this book!"

- Crystal J. Parker

"A few months ago, I was lucky enough to sit next to Dr. Crawford on a flight to SFO. He had just confirmed the date that this book was to be published. I asked him about the book and received the greatest one on one leadership training you could possibly imagine. Dr. Crawford is brilliantly insightful, very funny and his book is definitely worth your time.

The book is built on both his amazing experience and a tremendous amount of research. It's well organized; fast paced, and will provide you with the tools to be a better leader. I recommend it highly."

- R. Boothby (San Francisco)

"Compliance & Conviction: The Evolution of Enlightened Corporate Governance" by Curtis J. Crawford, Ph.D., is the kind of advice only a former CEO, senior executive, chairman and director can dispense. It is a comprehensive guide for the highest echelons of corporate America. It says that good corporate governance should not be left to chance. Too many companies learn that lesson too late. Filled with historical perspectives, studies, hands-on assessment tolls, and much more, this book could be a lifesaver for many corporations.

- BookViewz

X-Leaders have high aspirations and very positive attitudes about their futures. They are highly motivated and academically well prepared. They believe in creating their own opportunities rather than waiting in line for the next big break. They strive to do exceptional things that inspire creativity and ever-higher levels of performance. These people feel inspired to reach for the stars!

Remember that you don't need to ask yourself whether or not you are a person who has potential; everyone has potential. Instead, ask yourself how to turn your talents into abilities that others see as powerful and influential. Many people know quite well that they have underdeveloped talents, but even those with enormous intellectual capacity often don't know how to leverage their talents into power and influence.

If you practice the X Principles for Extreme Success with an honest spirit and heartfelt passion, they will prove incredibly valuable to you throughout your career!

The XPL Colloquium Seminar Series:

At XCEO, Inc. we have the XPL Colloquium Seminar Series specifically for people interested in becoming X-Leaders. Delivered by Dr. Crawford and the XCEO team, we have developed over 25 modules that allows individuals to customize every seminar. Each Colloquium Series Seminar will include modules that will be most beneficial for your professional needs. A list is provided below.

  1. Why Focus on Leadership?
    Discover a new perspective for gaining a long-term competitive advantage in the corporate world.
  2. What is Leadership?
    Identify and compare several definitions of leadership and how it is perceived in the business world.
  3. What is Personal Leadership?
    Explore the distinction between leadership and personal leadership.
  4. What is Extreme Personal Leadership?
    Discover why Dr. Crawford coined the term extreme personal leadership and what it means to be an X-Leader.
  5. The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership
    Examine the X-Leadership principles developed by Dr. Crawford in Corporate Rise.
  6. Enhance Your Career Velocity
    Discover why speed is a critical factor when assessing your career potential and likely success.
  7. Audacious Expectations
    Have ambitious expectations. Learn why X-Leaders expect what they get (because they always expect excellence).
  8. Building the Foundation
    Preparation is the key to success. Understand the importance of becoming a student of your organization.
  9. Job Performance
    Don’t wait for your employer to discover your talent. Successfully differentiate yourself from your peers.
  10. Effective Leadership
    Differentiate between leading and managing, understanding there is a difference.
  11. Attitude
    Recognize how your attitude both inside and outside the workplace affects your corporate rise.
  12. Extreme Personal Leadership Career Plan
    Develop a forty-five-day career action plan. Construct a ninety-day strategic personal development plan.
  13. Leverage Your Personal Brand
    Who are you and what do you stand for? Develop strategies to turn yourself into a coveted jewel.
  14. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
    Leadership without teamwork is a myth. Understand why leadership and teamwork are inextricably linked.
  15. Earning Delegation
    Recognize the difference between earning more responsibility and being dumped upon.
  16. Networking
    Who knows you is more important than who you know. Develop more effective networking strategies.
  17. Stakeholder Management
    Identify the components of the Stakeholder Support System and perform a Stakeholder Support Analysis.
  18. Professional Mentoring
    Understand the difference between mentoring and coaching, and why mentoring is a wise investment.
  19. Modeling
    Develop great leadership skills to set an example for everyone else in the company to follow.
  20. Potential Pitfalls
    Understand the potential pitfalls of aggressively pursuing extreme personal leadership.
  21. Extreme Personal Leadership Assessment
    Assess your leadership attributes on the XPL Principle Analysis.
  22. Job-Hop Effectively
    Learn how effective job-hopping positions you for further career advancement opportunities.
  23. Alignment
    Understand why complete alignment within an organization can lead to an unhealthy environment.
  24. Enlightened Corporate Governance
    Recognize that principled leadership requires action beyond obligation to earn shareowner value
  25. Succession Planning
    Discover the process of succession planning and the steps you need to take to get into “the book.”
  26. Executive Compensation
    How much is a CEO really worth? Linking pay to performance.


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