Board succession is an integral part of the board's responsibilities to the organization. Whether planning for a new CEO or for directors, the board must understand and have a well-defined plan which best serves the interests of shareholders. At XCEO, we have developed products and services which support the board's succession planning efforts.

  • XCEO Board Succession Provides Effective Solutions for Boards Asking...
  • Do we have a plan for board succession?
  • Do we believe that some of the directors on the board are underperforming?
  • Have we relied too heavily on who the board knows to recruit new directors?
  • Are our newly appointed directors receiving development support, providing value and performing effectively?

We have access to a talented pool of diverse, highly-skilled, experienced and eager directors who could be a great addition to your board. If you are interested in board opportunities and believe that you are a great candidate to serve on a board, please let us know. The following are searches for which candidates are being considered.

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