Public Sector Governance

Board & Director Leadership Development

Board & Director Leadership Development

XCEO is a unique consultancy which provides extreme personal leadership and governance support for individuals aspiring to be at their peak performance as a board director. We provide an insider perspective on leadership and enlightened board service. We narrow the gap between scholars and practitioners (directors).

One might ask why enlightened board governance is important for nonprofit boards ... and who should care? We believe practicing and personifying enlightened governance is fundamental to the long-term philanthropic success of the nonprofit, foundation or university organization. Therefore, if as a board member you truly wish to make a difference, you should care about your effectiveness, in and out of the board meetings, by strengthening the charitable sustainability of the organization you govern. Everyone should understand the potential impact his or her service as a nonprofit, foundation or university board member can have on the lives of others.

Boards have an obligation to continuously enhance the missions of the philanthropic organizations they represent and directors have the specific responsibility to consistently improve their performance and their service. We partner with boards and directors in their leadership development by focusing on the three following areas: Board Risk Oversight, Succession Planning and Board Leadership Development.

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"Building high levels of internal creativity within a company goes a long way toward increasing confidence in that company among its investors."

- Curtis J. Crawford, Ph.D.


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