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XPL Principles Analysis

The XPL Principles Analysis is designed to accurately assess your aptitude in relation to the 11 principles presented in Dr. Curtis J. Crawford's book, Corporate Rise: The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership. The purpose of this analysis is to give individuals a better understanding of their career performance in light of these principles. Additionally, the analysis provides an output summary, and more importantly, outlines ways to immediately improve your career by offering development recommendations.

Once you have completed the exercise, you will be provided with your XPL performance level, your XPL activities and how you are demonstrating them, and finally, which activities we believe you should be engaged in to reach your goals.

Stakeholder Support Analysis

Many factors contribute to the success of your career, including every single person around you. Whether it is the senior management of your company, or your spouse and friends, the relationships you form during your career will inevitably have a pivotal effect on your success.

Because of the significant role stakeholders in your life have on your career, it is crucial to consider how you are being assessed by those around you. The Stakeholder Support Analysis provides users the ability to do so.

After the Stakeholder Support Analysis is completed, you will immediately receive your results. Your results will include your current Stakeholder Support Level, your discernible stakeholder activities and how your stakeholders are supporting you, and finally, what we believe you should be doing to build better relationships with your stakeholders.

These analyses are composed of 22 impactful questions and we invite you to try them for yourself. To personally take part in our Extreme Personal Leadership Tools, please see the request form below and enter your e-mail address for complimentary access.

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