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Individual Professional Development

Individual Professional Development

Our individual professional development services consist of three professional mentoring programs, led by Dr. Curtis J. Crawford and our XCEO team. The Corporate Professional Mentoring Program (CPM) and the Individual Professional Mentoring Program (IPM) are designed for high-aspiration individuals with plans to achieve senior executive-level responsibilities or serve as dedicated board members in corporate America. The Self-Paced Professional Mentoring Program (SPM) is designed as an introduction to our CPM and IPM programs. SPM is for individuals seeking career development assistance during the early stages of their career.

The professional mentoring programs are designed to most effectively provide one-on-one career analysis and guidance. Through the programs we ensure the successful implementation and execution of our X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership, developed in Dr. Crawford’s book, Corporate Rise: The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership. We collaborate with each individual to assure that he or she achieves an extraordinary high-level of success in his or her career.

Overview of Development Programs

Individual Professional Mentoring

This program is designed for individuals who are seeking career development support in addition to, or in lieu of, the offerings provided by their employers. Employers who choose not to sponsor individuals for CPM, but suggest further personal development may recommend this option.

We clearly recognize that many high-aspiration individuals are seeking support beyond what is available through their corporations. Read More: Individual Professional Mentoring

Corporate Professional Mentoring

This program is a uniquely conceived and creatively designed approach to assist corporations in applying the finishing touch on their highest potential executives.

It is designed to enhance the corporation's senior leadership development process. It provides a creative way to further prepare high-potential executives for future assignments in the executive suite and the corporate boardroom.

We understand that many corporations do not always have the resources to provide the personal level of support that is available from XCEO. We partner with corporations and sponsored individuals to successfully meet the objectives of both. Read More: Corporate Professional Mentoring

Self-Paced Professional Mentoring

We understand that not all individuals are in a current position to invest in our IPM Program. Therefore, the XCEO team designed the SPM Program to allow individuals the opportunity to learn and benefit from our professional mentoring curriculum at their own pace.

Program Options

Our clients can select a Silver, Gold or Gold Plus membership within each mentoring program. The options vary by price, length of program, and level of involvement by both XCEO and the client.

Program Modules

We have developed over 25 modules that allow programs to be customized for each client. See the XCEO Modules for a complete list of topics.


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