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CEO Lifeline

CEO Lifeline

The ascent to the top is a lonely journey, and the position of chief executive officer (CEO) is even more so. Guiding a multi-billion dollar corporation or a successful start-up company requires exceptional talent and commitment, and the demands placed upon the individuals who are at the helm are exceedingly difficult. Yes, the CEO has the board of directors to turn to for counsel, however, frequently the CEO may find it exceptionally helpful to validate his or her thinking prior to discussing with the board. In these uncertain economic times, who else is available to support the individuals who make the most critical business decisions that affect the lives of all stakeholders?

Everyone needs support. Partner with us because we understand the need and demand of the CEO. We provide the necessary support to substantially enhance your drive toward success.

You should be enrolled in this program if:

  • You are a newly appointed CEO
  • You are a CEO looking to enhance board work opportunities
  • You are a CEO looking to engage your leadership team in thoughtful discussion and performance assessments to maximize your contribution to your organization
  • You are a CEO looking to be more effective in the boardroom
  • You are a CEO on a non-profit board and you are looking to transition to corporate board work or expand your non-profit opportunities


Quick Look: Program Highlights

  • A personal and confidential lifeline to an experienced, world class, Chief Executive Officer who provides a sanctuary for discussing your ideas and aspirations before you share them with others of influence.
  • Experience direct access to well-informed board members who are eager to contribute to your personal growth, by sharing their professional experiences with you.
  • Increase your realm of knowledge and industry influence by participating in the exciting XCEO continuing education process.
  • Experience a conceriege level of personal support which significantly distinguishes you as a leader among leaders within your industry and in general.
  • Private access to XCEO’s Enlightened Corporate Governance and Board Leadership tools and Extreme Personal Leadership Development tools.


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