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Public Sector Board Development

Public Sector Board Development

The role of the board of a 501(c) organization can vary depending on how the organization is structured and how the staff performs on a day-to-day basis. Some nonprofit organizations are small in size with little, if any, paid staff and the board becomes a managing board involved in the day-to-day operations. Maintaining office hours, recruiting and managing volunteers, and servicing the benefactors of the nonprofit organization are just a few of the daily activities that a managing board may perform.

A much larger organization with a full professional staff will be governed by its board. The board’s activities will include, but not be exclusive to, partnering with the President/Executive Director to establish a clear mission, create the strategic plan to accomplish the mission, represent the community to the organization, hire and oversee the President/Executive Director, and more. The directors or trustees on a governing board are not involved in managing the daily business of public sector organizations.

In practicing oversight for the nonprofit, foundation or university organization, whether the board is managing or governing, there are legal, fiduciary and organizational development responsibilities. It is our belief that the success and effectiveness of a 501(c) organization and the board hinges on the ability of the board to know and accept its role and perform its responsibilities well.

XCEO offers unique, cutting-edge products and services for nonprofit boards and directors or trustees to become more effective. We partner with you on your journey for professional governance and personal leadership development. To learn more about our XCEO Value Proposition visit the Public Sector Governance section. We combine an academic and experience-based approach to provide a comprehensive offering to boards that are inspired to move toward enlightened governance - from merely doing what has been done in the past to doing what is possible for the constituents they serve.

Our offerings inspire boards to move toward enlightenment by:

  • Assessing their skills and those of the leadership team with purposeful succession planning.
  • Understanding the identification and mitigation of risk as a vital component of the sustainability of the organization’s mission and its opportunity to receive continued funding.
  • Building board leadership effectiveness in governing the public sector organization.


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