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for Boards

An organization's governance-whether good or bad-is established by its board of directors or trustees. Ideally, these directors/trustees will be energetic, experienced people deeply concerned about the organization's welfare.

When enlightened directors work effectively with the organization's senior leadership team, they are likely to produce an environment that accelerates the growth of long-term organizational and stakeholder value.

Corporate Board Development Opportunites

XCEO provides boards various opportunities to become more effective via our unique, cutting-edge products and services. To learn more about our XCEO value proposition, visit our Enlightened Corporate Governance section of this site. We combine world-class experience in boardrooms for over 20 years, and couple this with research and data collected from directors and boards.

The combination of an academic and experience-based approach provides a comprehensive offering to boards who are interested in moving toward enlightenment whereby the board no longer meets only the requirements set forth by the SEC, but does what is possible for shareholders.

XCEO is a partner to those boards which:

Public Sector Board Development Opportunites

Think on it

"Although it is a good idea to practice motivation through paranoia from time to time, remember that fear only can be a short-term motivator."

- Curtis J. Crawford, Ph.D.


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