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We understand the demand for leadership, knowledge and performance in the boardroom. Directors have an obligation to their shareholders to seek new opportunities to improve their effectiveness and we support directors and boards in their efforts. Our team recently created an exciting program which allows boards to substantially improve the effectiveness of its performance evaluation process. Moreover, the evaluations, risk modules and professional mentoring support which have been so beneficial for boards are now available to directors, as well as boards, for their own personal assessment.

The importance of critical feedback from the board, the senior leadership team and even directors from other boards is consistently noted. As a leader in corporate governance, our exceptional team provides boards a full-range of outstanding products and consulting services needed to properly mitigate risk in the boardroom. Our comprehensive services include risk oversight, CEO, committee, individual leadership and board evaluation components. Each is enhanced by benchmarking, automated results and reports, comments and feedback. This volatile environment is unlike one we have ever seen, and each of our offerings helps the board address the critical elements of risk oversight and corporate governance.

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