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Board Succession

Board succession is an integral part of the board's responsibilities to the organization. Whether planning for a new CEO or for directors, the board must understand and have a well-defined plan which best serves the interests of shareholders. At XCEO, we have developed products and services which support the board's succession planning efforts.

XCEO Board Succession Provides Effective Solutions for Boards Asking...

  • Do we have a plan for board succession?
  • Do we believe that some of the directors on the board are underperforming?
  • Have we relied too heavily on who the board knows to recruit new directors?
  • Are our newly appointed directors receiving development support, providing value and performing effectively?

We offer a more cost-efficient recruiting process to find a new director. At XCEO, we employ cutting edge methods for seeking, finding and on-boarding new directors.

We use contemporary tools to determine the right mix of skills, experiences and attributes. Then we effectively vet a small number of highly-qualified and talented directors. Then, we on-board that director so that he or she is contributing at a faster pace than they would otherwise. With XCEO as your partner, this usually disruptive process will move quickly, smoothly and with the least inconvenience to the board.

We have access to a talented pool of diverse, highly-skilled, experienced and eager directors who could be a great addition to your board. We can add a tremendous amount of value to your recruiting and succession planning needs at a fraction of the cost.

Our value proposition is employing highly effective methods, world class consulting at very reasonable rates. This is more than just recruiting, this is a board partnership.

Our board succession efforts differ from our competitors' traditional view of recruiting because we focus on:

  1. BASE: Helping the board understand the skills and experiences that are currently represented by the board and identifying those additional skills and experiences the board would like to have. This process is supported by our thorough yet easy to use Board Skills, Experiences and Attributes (BASE) Analysis. Launched by the Chairman or the Corporate Governance Chairman, this detailed analysis facilitates the board's ability to begin the process of understanding who it is looking for.
  2. Search for Development: We will formally search for a candidate based on the board's interests. XCEO will consult with the board to devise a profile or profiles and will then contact and qualify individuals who are excellent candidates for the board.
  3. On-Boarding: Where traditional recruiters stop, we pick up the pace! Once a director, or directors, have been selected, we will work one-on-one with the new director(s) to implement a 12-month long process tailored to fit the unique situation of the board. A combination of structured mentoring by our skilled and experienced team, supported by our world-class teaching tools and feedback evaluations to understand and increase effectiveness, will allow that director to close the gap on his or her peers in a short amount of time.
  4. Continued Development: In order to continue to improve and add value to shareholders, our partnership also includes 12-months of access to our comprehensive set of Board, CEO, Committee, Individual and Peer-to-Peer evaluations as part of our Integrated Board Leadership Process. Private, easy to use and yet critical to board performance, we will develop a strategy with the board to efficiently launch exercises to help the board be more cohesive, enhance engagement and knowledge and ultimately increase shareholder value.

We can also work with individual directors in providing one-on-one development and training support on a continued basis. For more information, please visit our LinXsus Elite and LinXsus Premiere program pages for details.

Our board succession efforts are 1/3 of the cost for 3X the value! For detailed pricing information, please contact us.


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