Enlightened Corporate Governance

Board Director Leadership Development

XCEO is a unique consultancy which provides extreme personal leadership and corporate governance support for highly enlightened executives and high-aspiration individuals. We provide an insider perspective on corporate leadership and enlightened board service. We narrow the knowledge gap between scholars, practitioners and directors.

Comparative Data Assessment

The following is a snapshot of one of our Comparative Data Assessment charts. This resource displays responses to the evaluation questions for each XCEO exercise as well as a comparison to the XCEO enlightened corporate governance model, multi-year results and industry data.

Comparative Data Assessment

Why is Enlightened Corporate Governance important...
... and who should care?

At XCEO we believe Enlightened Corporate Governance is fundamental to the long term financial strength of the global economy. Therefore, anyone who has a pulse should care about its effectiveness.

We deem it to be important for everybody to have a basic appreciation for the concept of corporate governance. Everyone should understand the potential impact, both positive and negative, that corporate governance can have on their lives.

We believe there is a direct linkage between effective corporate governance and the strength of general commerce. When investors have great confidence in corporate governance, they tend to invest more dollars, therefore, stimulating the economy. If the economy is doing well, generally the average consumer will reap significant benefits.

Boards have an obligation to increase shareholder value, and directors have the responsibility to consistently improve their performance. XCEO partners with boards and directors in their leadership development by focusing on the three following areas: Board Risk Oversight, Succession Planning and Board Leadership Development.


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