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At XCEO, Inc., we believe individual leadership is the driving force for inspiring creativity and ultimately maximizing intellectual capacity. We provide individual and corporate development in the principles of Extreme Personal Leadership®. We call this X-Leadership and it is the touchstone of our company.

In today's globally competitive world, intellectual property is a key indicator of long term success. Corporations and individuals are seeking knowledge intensive solutions to sustain a competitive advantage. At XCEO, Inc. we offer Professional Mentoring and Personal Leadership Development programs, as well as Corporate Governance and Board Leadership Development programs, for high-aspiration individuals and forward-looking corporations.

Through our Professional Mentoring and Personal Leadership programs, we assist individuals in developing personal career and development plans to achieve senior executive-level positions. We also support corporations that recognize the need for a broad array of development options for their high-potential employees being groomed for senior leadership responsibilities.

As part of XCEO, Inc.'s pursuit of enlightened corporate governance, we have created the Enlightened Corporate Governance Board Performance Evaluation Program to support boards and directors in their pursuit of excellence. Through our program, we are leading the movement past compliance, toward principled action which maximizes shareholder value. We have designed a set of eight individual and board evaluation exercises which provide an exceptional opportunity for directors to take their boards to a whole new level of effectiveness.

XCEO, Inc. is a unique research, development and consulting firm. We are committed to excellence and the pursuit of Extreme Personal Leadership®. We specialize in inspiration, and endeavor to inspire highly enlightened executives and high-aspiration individuals to pursue maximum personal achievement. We have a leadership team of highly trained and highly motivated colleagues who are eager to serve our clients. Excellence is our goal. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and we stand ready to help our clients achieve extraordinary levels of performance and success.

Think on it

"X-Leaders do not enjoy losing, and they definitely do not regard losing as a way to build character!"

- Curtis J. Crawford, Ph.D.


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